Defect Management

Prevention Training

At OLMC once we have analysed your defects we are now in a better position to identify where your difficulties are coming from, we can now address the problem through information sharing and driver training. Not only will this result in reduced downtime of your vehicles but reduce your maintenance costs significantly.

Logged & Analysed

OLMC undertake analysis of defects found by both the driver and the repair agent on safety inspections.

Analysis of these defects can also support that preventative maintenance process helping identify key areas that need attention going forward.

If a lot of defects are reported regularly this could indicate that:

  • There are not enough safety inspections or that they are not thorough enough;
  • Daily walkaround inspections are not being completed correctly; or defects are not being corrected promptly or effectively.

If no defects or few defects are reported regularly, safety inspection intervals may be too short or the quality of the inspection may not be good enough.


"Any defects found during the daily check, while the vehicle is in use or on its return to base must be the subject of a written report by you or some other person responsible for recording defects"

All drivers will be given a local rate number to contact in the event of a breakdown or acknowledgement of a defect and will receive a reference number for their log in return. OLMC will arrange documentation of the defect, rectification of the defect and manage the process to a timely conclusion. We will even arrange a follow up if a temporary repair has taken place. Let us deal with your repair agent for you, with our professional and determined approach even the smallest hauliers get the prompt attention they need.

OLMC operate a Nil reporting process as recommended by VOSA. Your drivers will submit these reports on a weekly basis. 'Nil' defect reports are not required under the conditions of operator licensing. However, they are a useful means of checking that drivers are carrying out their duties in this respect and show a determined commitment to improving the roadworthiness of your vehicles to VOSA

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