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Once you have interviewed a candidate and decided you want to employ somebody, the next stage in the recruitment process is to inform the successful candidate, however there are checks you may wish to make, or are advised to do, such as checking an individual's eligibility to be in the UK and take up the employment in question based on previous employment etc.

With all the Employment Law requirements it is imperative that you employ the right member of staff. Everymore these days is the requirement to make Informed Decisions Thorough knowledge of a candidate's driving details/history, or previous employment record helps you select the right candidates that will protect your business and its assets. We can help improve the recruiting cycle Our quick turnaround times assist in short-listing candidates sooner so you can focus on managing your operation.

1. Driving Licence Checks

Reveal complete driving details of a candidate. DVLA reports include all impaired charges, speeding and other driving offences keep yourself updated easily and simply via OLMC to a predetermined schedule and in the event of any infringements or loss of licence.

2. CRB Checking

Via OLMC and the Criminal Records Bureau, Criminal Disclosures are fast, convenient, and compliant with all human rights legislation. Support your company with the Criminal Record information required to prevent the hiring of unsuitable individuals. Criminal Disclosures help protect your company, and its employees, customers and shareholders from violence, theft and other serious offences!

3. Employee References

Employment Verifications involve contacting previous employers to confirm dates of employment, the position held, and eligibility for rehire. Wherever possible, brief references are taken. Employment History is one of the most common areas of embellishment on a CV. Our representatives contact past employers to verify specifics of employment and share this information with your whilst maintaining data protection legislation at all times.

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