Grey Fleet

Within the public sector, as well as working with the Office of Government Commerce (Fleet Team) on their Grey Fleet Strategy Forum, OLMC have undertaken a 15 month project to review all internal work related transport within the Department for Children Schools & Families. This review covered all aspects such as grey fleet mileage, internal pool cars, and hire cars, in additional to their internal mail service provision and associated costs, processes and procedures. See also grey fleet.

OLMC have vast experience through the transport sector, any off our fleet solutions can be adapated to cover the requirements of a public sector organisation, however if your needs are not covered by any of these areas please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.


Financial Modelling & Needs Analysis

Any financial modelling process that OLMC undertake should involve:

  • A full analysis of your currently working practice and procedures to identify any potential areas of concern; based on a risk analysis of which a detailed report would be provided along with a comprehensive list of variables or assumptions.
  • An evaluation of this information based on the clients requirements, would then lead to recommendations to mitigate any risk financial or otherwise.
  • Both a financial model and a business case would lead to a cost benefit analysis being incorporated in order to maximise the potential of any delivery plan.
  • The aim of the financial model would be to forecast the performance of an operation going forward for which we use proven software tools and databases, and/or research of industry available agreements and substantiated costs.
  • All models would be counter checked to ensure they are deliverable and accurate.

Business Case Preparation

OLMC have developed business cases for a variety of clients, If OLMC delivered this on behalf of the public sector organisation it would be in line with The Office of Government Commerce's recognised project management methodology, as OLMC feel that they offer the appropriate level of scope and delivery strategy; as well as the inclusion of both appropriate milestones and critical path analysis, this is unless a client had its own preferred document management configuration.

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