What has happened to OLMC LTD?

On the 26th of October 2012 the “Good Title” of OLMC LTD was bought by the OLMC management.

This included all assets, good will, fixtures and fittings, software licences, intellectual property and exclusive rights to the customer databases of OLMC LTD.

Additionally and importantly we have managed to retain all of our valued staff. The only difference being that together we are now operating under the name of OLMC, which is now a "trading style" of Myers & Family LTD, rather than OLMC LTD.

The net result being that we will continue to provide the same great services from the same great offices with the same great team of people using the same great name of OLMC. We thank all of our customers for their continued support.

At OLMC, we recognise that it is because of the professionalism and dedication of our staff that customers come back and use our services again and again; and is also the reason we receive great testimonials like these -

Existing and new clients can be well assured they will continue to receive the best possible service from OLMC and that their continued custom is well appreciated.

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