Is Your Compliance Up To Scratch

Operators.... Are your vehicles well maintained, regularly inspected and tested? Are driverís hours monitored and infringements acted upon? Are walk around checks carried out by your drivers? Are reported defects rectified in a timely fashion? Are your vehicle files in order? Do you forward plan your maintenance and inspection events six months in advance?

Most importantly, can you provide documentary evidence to prove any of this? Because if you cannot prove compliance in a way that meets the standards of the traffic commissioners and the DVSA then you are not compliant!

Book a compliance audit today for a confidential, independent and professional view of your level of compliance. We provide compliance audits throughout the UK for any fleet size and our audits satisfy the latest traffic commissioner standards and can be used to demonstrate your level of compliance to them if required.

Our price is from £575 and includes a full written report and corrective action plan.

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