Driver Acquitted, Director & Mechanic Found Guilty in fatal Crash Trial

Driver Philip Potter was acquitted of all charges whilst the sole director of Grittenham Haulage, Matthew Gordon and Mechanic Peter Wood were found guilty of four counts of manslaughter after they pleaded not guilty.

The crash in which an out of control HGV tipper killed four people including a four year old child and also seriously injured two other people happened in Bath in February 2015.

Investigation revealed that the brakes of the vehicle were operating at an efficiency of just 28% at the time.

Detective chief inspector Rich Ocone said : “Our investigation revealed a shocking picture of a company culture with complete disregard towards safety. If a message needs to come from this tragic incident it is that company owners must adhere to a duty of care to the public. The public has an expectation to trust that businesses ensure that they are operating safely. Regular maintenance and servicing of all vehicles but especially HGVs, is vital.”

The pair will be sentenced for their crimes on the 27th of January.

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