On-Line Services

Email and Website Setup and Hosting

OLMC are proud to be offering a range of new services to our clients which include email & website setup and hosting. Our on-line services are aimed at small and startup businesses that want to have business email and a website with minimal fuss and without the high costs usually associated with on-line marketing.

Many people use Hotmail, Yahoo or AOL email addresses for business use, if you do, you are missing out on a quick and easy opportunity to give your business a professional looking edge. By using an official business email address (for example or your potential customers will be re-assured that they are dealing with a genuine, established company. To further re-enforce your company's on-line image we can also provide and set up a simple yet informative 3-4 page website which provides the customer with everything they need to know about your enterprise.

It is worth noting that when potential customers are looking for a company with which to do business, 85% will look on the internet, most of those will choose a business that has a website and will make enquiries (via phone or email) to that business while they are browsing their website. This means if you donít have a website you are missing out on enquiries from potential customers. The most common reason small businesses do not have company email and a website is because of cost, lack of technical knowledge and a lack of time to get it all running. OLMCís services offer excellent value for money and we have the technical knowledge which means you donít have to spend time getting to grips with it all.

Website Design Package£155 - One off fee for all packages
Hosting PackageBasicPremiumPlatinum
Email Mailboxes125
Email Addresses102050
Webspace (MB)100200500
Bandwidth (GB Per Month)100020005000
Webpage Updates (Per Year) *136
Extra Webpage Updates£10£10£10
Extra Mailboxes (Cost Per Month)N/A£2.99£1.99
Price (If Billed Monthly)£9.99£17.99£29.99
Price (If Billed Yearly)109.88205.88349.88

* A webpage update is a change to a single webpage. It could be a re-phrase of a single paragraph, addition of a special offer or to replace the entire text or images on that page.

If you have any questions, we are happy to talk through our packages with you, please contact us.