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O' Licence Application Costs
(HGV - Goods Vehicles)
As well as our fee, there are other costs involved with applying for an operator licence. We have detailed them below to ensure you are fully informed before you start.
DVSA Application Fee
This is the fee for the DVSA (formally VOSA) and the office of the Traffic Commissioners to process your application.
DVSA Interim Fee
An interim licence (if granted) allows you to start operating your vehicles while your main application is underway, this is optional.
Public Notice Fee
We will place the public notice in a local newspaper that meets the required criteria, costs are newspaper dependent and can vary.
350 (approx)
DVSA Granting Fee
If the Traffic Commissioners approve your application, you have to pay this fee before the DVSA will grant the licence.
OLMC Fast Track Fee
Payable for interim applications only.
This is the fee for our application service.

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O' Licence Application Costs
(PSV - Public Service Vehicles)
DVSA (formally VOSA) Application Fee
For Standard National & Restricted Applications
DVSA Application Fee
For Special Restricted Application and Variation
DVSA Application Fee
For for Standard National / Restricted Variations
The Fee For Our Application Service.

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Further Information and FAQs

Goods Vehicles

Do you need an operator licence?
You need an operator licence if you want to use goods vehicles that are above 3.5 tonnes gross weight for business use. You may also need one if you use a 3.5 tonne vehicle to tow a trailer - contact us for advice.

Types of operator licence
There are three main types of operator licence, Restricted, Standard National and Standard International. If you don't know which one you need, contact us for advice.

Who needs the operator licence?
The operator of the vehicle does not mean the person driving, it means the legal entity that is using the vehicle for business reasons, that could be a limited company, sole trader or a partnership (amongst others).

Are there any exemptions to operator licensing?
Yes, there are. However, they only apply in very specific circumstances. For example, 4x4 vehicles are typically considered to be exempt, as are recovery trucks, but only if they are used soley for emergency roadside recovery. If you think you may be exempt, contact us to discuss your situation.

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