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Are you an operator licence holder or Transport Manager being taken to public inquiry?

We can help you. OLMC has a proven track record of successfully representing our clients at a VOSA public inquiry. If you are looking for help you can call us on 0113 804 2008 or contact us.

Whatever the reason for the inquiry, one thing is certain, it can be a stressful and expensive time, if you are not prepared or do not understand the risks you face, it could easily be the end of your operatorís licence.

What is a public inquiry?

A public inquiry is called when your ability to run vehicles according to operators licence legislation is being questioned. This may be the result of a failed roadside inspection or a site audit by VOSA. It could be because of other offences or fixed penalties that have been listed against the operatorís licence.

In some cases a public inquiry is called to evaluate a new application where there are areas of concern. It might be that a Traffic Commissioner wants to hear from people who have objected to an application, or they might seek clarification regarding the repute of someone listed on the application.

To summarise, a public inquiry can be called for any reason but those listed above are more common than others.

What happens at public inquiry?

The public inquiry is held in a court room. The Traffic Commissioner will ask questions and seek answers relating to the matter at hand, this could be in relation to the upkeep of the vehicles, repute of people listed on the licence, where the vehicles are being kept or the financial standing of the business, to name just a few.

What can happen to my operatorís licence at public inquiry?

Unless the Traffic Commissioner is satisfied by your answers, they have a variety of options open to them. One of which is to revoke your operatorís licence. If that happens, you can no longer legally operate HGV / PSV vehicles on the road. VOSA will immediately enforce this by checking up on you, with massive fines if you fail to comply.

The Traffic Commissioner can also curtail your operatorís licence. For example, if they find that you do not have the financial standing needed to effectively maintain the number of vehicles you are operating, they can reduce that number.

The Traffic Commissioner can also add undertakings to your licence. For example, they might add an undertaking that you cannot drive vehicles to and from your operating centre between unsociable hours; this might be the case if your operating centre is near a residential area.

Donít I need a Solicitor and not a Transport Consultant?

No, most of the time, the Traffic Commissioners want to see that you are capable of running your fleet properly. Legal representation helps the process run smoothly but ultimately itís transport related expertise, knowledge and experience that helps your case. OLMC is a transport consultancy that specialises in operator licensing, we have a very active client base and a successful track record of representing clients at public inquiry. This means we are very well placed to provide the legal representation as well as the technical knowledge and transport related experience that the Traffic Commissioner wants to see.

What will OLMC do?

OLMC will represent you at the public inquiry and will prepare and present your case to the Traffic Commissioner. We are experts in all aspects of Operator Licensing and have successfully represented many clients that have faced public inquiry. As well as getting you through the public inquiry we can also help put processes in place which will help you avoid trouble in the future and ensure your vehicles are run to the satisfaction of the Traffic Commissioner.

What our customers say.

Richard - Company details withheld
"Just a quick email to personally thank you and your team for all your help and efforts in reaching the result we needed at last Wednesdays public inquiry. I would recommend OLMC to anybody who has any transport issues they need sorting out. Thanks again for all you help, kind regards, Richard"

Chris - Company details withheld
"Great result, thankyou very much. I am very pleased with the result. I have a clean sheet and can look forward to a future without any black marks against me"

Charles - Company details withheld
"Certainly very professional. After consultation with OLMC, I felt confident and ready to face what seemed potentially like a very difficult situation."

Ian - Company details withheld
"As a company that strives to adhere and keep up with the ever changing Oí Licence requirements, we found ourselves wanting. The word Ďrevokedí appeared on a letter from the traffic commissioner. We needed help, OLMC to the rescue. Belinda and the staff were marvellous, a successful outcome, jobs were saved and we kept our operatorís licence."

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