Operators Licence Requirements

Do I need an operators licence?

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The operators licence requirements are varied. If you need to operate goods vehicles within your business it's vital to know with absolute certainty whether you need an operators licence or not. To determine this, you can contact the DVSA directly, tell them of your circumstances and they will inform you of whether they think you need an operators licence. However, your situation can cover a grey area and a straight answer cannot always be given. If so the question can be escalated to the Operator Licensing Policy Advisor within the DVSA who can give a more definitive answer.

However, answers given are not legal advice and only constitute the "view" of the DVSA, not legal opinion. Also, the information produced is not routinely published anywhere that's publically accessible. Therefore OLMC requested from the DVSA (under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act) details of any questions asked and the answer given for a two month period in the year 2010. We are publishing the information that was revealed here, so that it might be of some use in determing whether you are required to have an operators licence.

Below are all the questions and answers provided by the DVSA in this regard, click a link to read the full article.

General Questions

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Does my business need an operators licence?
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Do I Need An Operators Licence?
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