Do I Need an Operators Licence?

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The Question

Dear *********

Following a call to your helpline (0300 123 9000), I have been advised to email you with my query to obtain a formal reply.

I have moved into the UK over 5 years ago.
I now intend to move all my belongings from my house in ******** to my house in the UK. This is all my furniture, some kitchen appliances and other personal items. I have purchased a 7.5 tonne Box lorry which I want to drive all the way from the UK to *******, load it with my belongings, drive back to my house in the UK and unload. I then intend to sell the vehicle.

My question is:
Do I need an operator's licence?

Thank you in advance for your time.
Kind regards

The DVSA's Answer

(Removed - Section 40 FOI Act)

I refer to your e – mail of 23 February, concerning the above.

Most goods vehicles with a gross plated weight of over 3.5 tonnes or, if there is no plated weight, an unladen weight of over 1525 kg require a goods vehicle operator’s licence, if they are used to carry goods or burden of any description in connection with a trade or business, or for hire or reward. The requirement also applies to vehicles used for infrequent periods - such as one day.

Therefore, where the above is not in connection with a trade or business (that is, for private use) then no operator's licence will be required.

(Note: it is advisable to contact the relevant authorities of the EU Member States that you are passing through, to find out about any individual requirements that they may have).

I should point out that this is in VOSA’s view and does not constitute legal opinion.

I hope that the information given above has been of some help. If you have any further queries, do not hesitate to contact me.


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