Road Transport Directive / Working Time Directive

OLMC offers individual or bespoke training courses on the Road Transport Directive

The Road Transport Directive came into force on 4th April 2005 and will come into force in March 2009 for self employed drivers.

We offer advice and services to any business that wants to stay compliant with this new legislation.

Ask Yourself these questions:

  • Tracking hours is required by law, but in reality do you understand the implications?
  • Do your drivers know and are kept informed of their average hours worked?
  • Do they know how many hours they can work this week?

If you answered no to any of the above, Call us now: 0113 804 2008

Management Recording Systems

Under the directive, all employers are now required to maintain records to demonstrate compliance. If an employer cannot demonstrate compliance, penalties are enforceable.

OLMC can on your behalf collate records and manage your working time effectively with minimal effort from you. Through our own unique software solution OLMC can manage the tracking and tracing of your drivers hours to ensure compliance to the legislation.

As part of the process we undertake your duty to keep drivers and planning teams informed.

OLMC's Road Transport Directive systems provide secure central management, storage and rapid retrieval of statutory documents.


We have many training courses on offer that will ensure your organisation has the skills to deal with the Road Transport Directive. Take a moment to check out our available Road Transport Directive Training Courses.

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