Tachograph Analysis

Reliable, Professional, Complete. Our tachograph analysis service is 100% in house.

With advances in driver hours enforcement, it is more important than ever for the compliant operator to have tachograph analysis they can rely on to be accurate and complete.

Do you:-
  • Receive legally compliant reports that you can fully understand?

  • Take action based on the information in those reports by informing your drivers?

  • Comply with all tachograph laws, not just the analysis part?

  • Have direct access to a named tachograph expert to explain infringements and what you have to do, to be compliant?

Our service provides this. We can also supply all the equipment and consumables needed.

Our prices

Digital Tachograph Analysis
£9.99 per driver per month
(Vehicle unit data analysis is included free of charge)

Analogue Tachograph Analysis
£9.99 per driver per month
(Freepost envelopes for chart delivery are included)

Please note: Discounts are available for larger clients (10 drivers or more).

Tachograph Reports Package

Our tachograph reports package (included with all tachograph analysis) provides complete legal compliance. Reports include:-
  • Driver infringements
  • Weekly infringement table
  • Missing mileage
Working Time Directive reports are available free of charge upon request (ask for details).

How Our Service Works

We like to keep things simple and avoid complication where possible.

Analogue Tachograph Analysis
Send your tachograph charts to us via our provided freepost envelopes, we do the analysis, provide you with the legally required reports and return your discs.

Alternatively, if you want to hold on to your discs, you can use your own tachograph chart scanner (we can provide this) to send your charts directly onto our tachograph analysis system via our easy to use software. We then do the analysis and provide you with the necessary reports, keeping the tachograph charts at your location.

Digital Tachograph Analysis
Download your vehicle and driver data using the download tool of your choice (we can advise on this if necessary). Email the data to us, we do the analysis and provide all necessary reports to you.

Both systems provide an easy to use, reliable and flexible solution. Our in-house support staff will be happy to show you how it all works and set up any software you might need.

Additionally, as a valued OLMC customer, you will benefit from our years of experience of fleet management and free advice on any related issues. We look after our customers.

Call 0800 158 8029 and ask about our Tachograph Analysis service.

Digital and Analogue Tachograph Analysis Combined

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