Driver CPC Exemption Confusion

Reports have shown that there is mounting confusion over Driver CPC exemptions. Understandably many people are questioning the wording of certain exemptions and are asking for clarification to help them make an informed decision as to whether they need to start moving towards gaining Driver CPC or if they are exempt.

The exemption that is causing the confusion relates to "Incidental Drivers", the exact wording of the exemption with an example is listed below.

Exemption vii
"Carrying material or equipment to be used by that person in the course of his or her work, provided that driving that vehicle does not constitute the drivers principal activity."

"An example of a driver under exemption vii (also known as "incidental driver") would be a brick layer who drives a load of bricks from the builder's yard to the building site and then spends their working day laying bricks. In this case, driving a lorry is incidental to their main occupation."

It is also stated that a driver can move in and out of exemption depending on "the circumstances in which they are driving".

After reviewing the exemptions and examples given, it is OLMC's view that the Driver CPC exemption status of a driver is dependant entirely of the purpose of the journey at hand and the exempt status of the driver can change on a journey to journey basis.

The need for a Driver CPC qualification should be considered before every journey is made. If Driver CPC is needed, then only a driver with the qualification should be driving the vehicle. Exemption on a separate journey does not mean you are exempt at all times.

If it is likely that you will at some point, be in a situation where a Driver CPC qualification is needed, you should probably think about working towards achieving the qualification.

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