Good Repute To Suffer From Driver Penalties

An Operator's good repute will be affected if it's drivers are given a fixed penalty under the new scheme of Graduated Fixed Penalties.  The RHA has said that a fine is an alternative to a court conviction and it does get logged against an operators OCRS  (Operators Compliance Risk Score) which could result in increased roadside stops and site visits by VOSA.

Drivers should also be made aware that they are the ones who will be paying the fines and not the Operator.  Although the Operator may be liable if it is proven that the penalty has been caused by action or inaction by the Operator.

The Police have had the powers to issue the new fines since 1st April 2009 but the powers have also been granted to VOSA who intend to start using them from the 28th May 2009.

Drivers and Operators are reminded that even though the penalties are issued by VOSA or the Police, you still have to inform the Traffic Commissioner that the penalty has been issued.  Failure to do so could result in further fines and more damage to your good repute and therefore your OCRS.

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