Haulier Loses Business

A haulier that failed to meet requirements for Health and Safety has had it's Operators Licence revoked, fined £30,000 and two directors (William and David Munro) have been disqualified from holding an operators licence for seven years.

The traffic commissioner for Scotland (Joan Aitken) decided that Munro & Sons (Highland) Ltd were directly responsible for the death of a member of the public and the serious injury of two others, if it were not for the negligence of the company the incidents could have been avoided. Aitken said:-

"The operator clearly had no idea of modern competence in the manner of moving heavy equipment. It was the grossest error of judgement undertaking that journey with that equipment. For a goods-vehicle operator it was an act of astonishing recklessness."

The incidents involved a 30 tonne load rolling off a trailer that was transporting it, the load crushed a car carrying two people and another incident where a trailer came loose and collided with a private vehicle causing serious injury.

The company had previously used a health and safety consultant to assess the business but had still not put into practice what was needed to prevent the incidents.

Carl Myers, Transport Consultant and Director of OLMC says "It's imperative that drivers perform their daily walk around checks and it is the driver's responsibility to check that vehicle loads are secure, it is the company's responsibility, regardless of size of fleet, to ensure that drivers are trained to do so effectively. A programme of driver training and implementation of a system which ensures pre-use inspections are carried out effectively should result in an increase in safety and efficiency within a fleet."

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