Headlines for Aug 2011

New Tachograph Tech On The Way
The European Commission (EC) has announced that it plans to update tachograph legislation, thus allowing newer technology to be utilised. The proposals yet to be agreed across all EU member states include provision for satellite tracking, and remote access on demand to tachodata by enforcement agencies. Of course it is stated that the changes will help protect drivers, ensure a level playing field and increase road safety.

Motorway Lights To Be Switched Off
In a bid to reduce carbon emissions, the Highways Agency had begun to switch off and remove lights along the M1 between junctions 10 & 13 (Luton & Milton Keynes). Intended to reduce emissions by 810 tonnes per year, the move has received criticism that it may jeopardise safety. The HA said it won't and that saved costs will enable them to improve safety in other areas.

Reckless Drivers To Be Targeted
The DfT has declaired it's intention to target wilfully reckless driving with more efficiency via a series of fixed penalty notices.
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VOSA Announce new rules for Transport Managers
The Vehicle and Operator Service Agency (VOSA) has announced new rules for CPC holders that want to be self employed as transport managers. The new rules are designed to prevent unscruplious cpc holders from listing themselves as a transport manager on for too many operators. The limits state that if working for multiple operators a cpc holder can only be listed as a transport manager for a maximum of 4 operators and have responsibility over a maximum of 50 vehicles.

Driver CPC Figures Too Low - Say VOSA
VOSA have reported that only 5,000 of the 500,000 HGV drivers that need to complete 35 hours of driver cpc training before sept 2014 have done so. Many training providers are stating that they expect CPC course prices to rise as drivers rush to meet the deadline. The DfT has stated that driver CPC is not going away and businesses ignore the impeding deadline at their peril.

Limos shreaded
Recently VOSA took drastic action to keep the uk roads safe by shreadding two limos that had not passed an initial fitness test. VOSA hopes it will send out a clear message that if you want to operate public service vehicles of any kind, then you will do so within the rules.

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