Headlines for Sept 2011

Big changes To Operator Licence Legislation
EC Regulation 1071/2009, which will be finalised and comes into force on the 4th of December 2011 makes several big changes to the core operator licence legislation. The changes are being brought about to standardise operator licence legislation across Europe. If the UK fails to go along with the EU and fully implement the changes then the UK faces the possibility of fines and the further possibility of other EU members refusing UK operator licensed vehicles access to their roads.

Greater flexibility for financial standing.
Not much information is available at the time of writing but it is thought that the new provisions will make it easier to prove financial standing by being more flexible on the rules.

New rules governing transport managers.
Self employed transport managers will only be able to manage a total fleet of 50 vehicles. Traffic Commissioners will be able to directly target Transport Managers and declare them unfit to hold the position of professionally competent and require corrective action to rectify their status.

Transport Manager CPC requirements.
The standard national CPC is to be abolished. After Dec 4th 2011 only people with an international CPC certificate will be deemed competent to be listed as the nominated person of professional competence on NEW operator licence applications. Existing operator licences will be un-affected. Restricted licence holders will also be un-affected as there is no requirement to have a person listed as professionally competent.

Operator address details.
All operators will be required to provide a correspondence address and an operating address, po boxes will not be allowed as a correspondence address.

Abolition of small trailer exemption.
Currently there is an exemption that a trailer that has an unladen weight of less than 1020 kg is not included in the weight of the vehicle when calculating if a vehicle exceeds the greater than 3.5 tonnes for needing an operator licence. This exemption is looking like it is set to be abolished but only for standard national and international operator licenses, not restricted.

These regulations have not yet been finalised and may be subject to change or not be implemented fully, we will update this article as more information is released.

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