Horse Box Owners

Horse Box users may be driving illegally if their horse boxes or trailers come under HGV categorisation.

VOSA have been increasingly stopping Horse Box and trailer owners that come under HGV categorisation and are finding that they are being driven illegally because the owners (quite understandably) know little or nothing about operator licensing and legislation regarding the running of HGV vehicles for commercial purposes.

Many Horse Box owners are saying (also understandably) that being categorised as HGV users for commercial purposes is not in line with their hobby and throws up barriers and red tape that will damage their ability to enjoy their activities.

However, naturally, there is a commercial side to equestrian sports and many commercial businesses that use horse boxes on a regular basis within their business are not exempt from HGV Operator Licensing regulations.

OLMC have vast amounts of experience in Operator Licensing. We understand what a frustrating and confusing experience it can be for people that have little or no experience in the area.

If you do need an Operators Licence, OLMC do offer an Operator Licence application service where we take care of the red tape, legislation and compile and submit your application. Thus taking away the worry, frustration and time taken to obtain an operators licence successfully.

If you are looking for more information about operator licensing you can find it here:-

Or at the VOSA website -

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