Information For New Operators: Part 1

If you need to operate vehicles in a business then you need to be serious about operator licensing. We hope to show you why and ultimately provide the information and working practices needed to achieve compliance.

OLMC is a transport consultancy that specialises in operator licensing and fleet management processes. We have years of experience working with the largest and smallest fleets in the UK and know the transport industry inside out. Our client base grows every single day and we have received awards for the companyís innovation, forward thinking and ability to thrive during tough times.

Operator Licensing

This series of articles assumes that the reader is looking to get started with operating goods vehicles within a business, We also assume that you have a general idea of whether you need an O Licence and the type of licence you require. If not then give us a call and we will be happy to advise you in this matter.

This article also talks about operator licensing and how being compliant is a very, very good thing for a business.

Via our on-line polls and initial contact with clients, we found the vast majority have concerns with operator licensing and general compliance with legislation. The general opinion being that it was too complex and the price of compliance is one of huge expense and a big drain on a businessís resources.

The reality is very different, the reality is that being compliant with operator licensing is an extremely good thing for the health of your business. You would not only know that legislatively speaking you are up to scratch and worry free but also that your vehicles are running safely, efficiently and therefore cost effectively. Also, you and you drivers are much, much less likely to be the target of VOSAís fines, prohibitions, fixed penalties, roadside checks and audits.

People donít realise that NOT being compliant is the expensive and difficult route. People who avoid the subject and hope it all just goes away are on their way down a very slippery slope and they only pick up the phone and speak to us when they reach the bottom and it is too late. We know this is true because we meet these people every single day and they wish they had taken their HGV operation a bit more seriously and spent a little time and money making sure they at least knew what their responsibilities were. However, by becoming an OLMC Insider you have already started to make steps to ensure you do not follow the same path.

It goes without saying that we highly recommend being compliant with operator licensing not only from a legal point of view but also to improve the health and efficiencies of your business. Our customers agree as their businesses benefit on a daily basis from our knowledge and experience.

In our next article (which we should be online in the next few days), we will be talking about VOSA; who they are, what they do and how they can affect you and your business. You may find the stark reality of how VOSA enforces operator licence compliance to be quite an eye opener but we think itís important you know the facts about what you are working with.

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