Information For New Operators: Part 5 - VOSA and you.


If you have read the previous four articles by now you should be getting a decent picture of how VOSA ensures vehicle operators comply with operator licensing and targets those that donít. With this in mind it goes without saying that you should be thinking about how to make sure that contact with VOSA is dealt with with compliance in mind and the idea that they should be avoided is the wrong mindset to have.

To use an analogy, what is the best way to avoid speeding fines? Sure, you could spend a load of money filling your car with GPS based speed camera locators, radar jammers, and drive around constantly on the lookout for the police and speed cameras, but chances are you will be caught and fined eventually.

However, there is a way to avoid speeding fines completely, itís easy, itís 100% reliable and as an added bonus (this bit is important) itís actually guaranteed to reduce the chances of having an accident and save you £££s on petrol costs, vehicle wear and insurance premiums. Do you want to know the big secret? Donít speed, it's so simple.

Itís exactly the same with VOSA, you could go to massive lengths to avoid them at all costs but they will catch up with you eventually and this time weíre not talking about a speeding fine and three points, VOSAís actions could have a huge impact on your business. The easiest, cheapest and best way to avoid VOSA is that as an Operators Licence holder, be compliant with operator licensing.

Yes, you can save money, have efficient, safe and well run HGV vehicles and ensure you keep your operators licence just by following a few basic processes such as pre-use inspections, defect reporting, tachograph analysis and independent inspections. The benefits from these alone should make it worthwhile spending a little time and money, as people that have been in the trade for many years, we sincerely hope you agree.

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