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In a recent interview with the FTA, Philip Brown (Statuary Senior Traffic Commissioner), has highlighted the importance of being compliant with Operator's Licence legislation for vehicle operators.

He indicates that VOSA will be stepping up its enforcement programme including the use of on the spot fines for drivers who are not compliant with regulations. It is difficult to say whether compliance in the UK is getting better or worse. Because of the increase in roadside checks and stops by VOSA the number of prosecutions is rising as well, not because more people are breaking the law, but because VOSA are in a better position to catch drivers and Operator's Licence holders who are non-compliant.

It is also indicated that if a driver is fined for infringements then "information gathered by VOSA on just who the driver is working for may eventually highlight operators whose drivers frequently receive such penalties...potentially triggering a VOSA investigation that could ultimately lead to the operator appearing before a TC".

"There is no real escape, VOSA will catch up with you eventually" says Philip Brown (Statuary Senior Traffic Commissioner) Brown also says "I know it's very difficult to be 100% compliant, but there are still people out there who think that achieving the average pass rate at annual test is satisfactory and you have to remind them that actually, it's the absolute minimum standard it doesn't mean that you're a good operator just because you achieve the national average"

"Often, it's only if VOSA carries out a new operator check that they realise there is a whole world out there that they didn't really know about".


There is no doubt that VOSA are starting to catch up with non-compliant operators. While the number of roadside stops leading to prosecution is on the rise, it is becoming more important than ever to ensure you operate within regulations to ensure compliance.

We also understand that operators don't always have the time to sit down and objectively look at their own practices to identify areas of non-compliance.

This is why OLMC is offering Operator's Licence Compliance Checking where we can look at your practices from an independent perspective.

This enables us to evaluate your Operator's Licence compliance and give you our professional opinion of how you would look in the eyes of VOSA.

This allows you to be aware of the problems you might encounter before VOSA get involved.

Your review will give you the piece of mind that you are doing things correctly or in the worst case scenario you will be well informed of the problems you might encounter.

At the conclusion of your review, if you wish, you will be taken through all our findings and we will discuss our recommendations with you.

Any findings will (of course) be completely confidential and not revealed to any third parties, the review is provided strictly on a no obligation basis.

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