Road Transport Working Time Directive

VOSA have stated that they are now actively enforcing compliance to the Road Transport Working Time Directive.

Letters have been sent out to operators around the country that state VOSA is now enforcing these regulations in their normal enforcement activities. They also state that operators may be visited by a Traffic Examiner in the near future to discuss their organisation's systems and working practices.

This comes as no surprise, the Road Transport Working Time Directive has been "in play" for some time now but VOSA haven't been enforcing compliance as they could have.

This announcement is a clear call to action to pre-warn operators that if they don't put systems in place that ensure compliance with the regulations, they can expect a rough ride when it comes to VOSA inspections.

Luckily, OLMC have a lot of experience regarding the Road transport Working Time Directive and we are currently putting together information that will provide operators with everything they will need to know about the regulations and what they should do to keep legal.

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