VOSA Fines Hit Home for Scunthorpe Haulage Company

The reality of facing the wrath of VOSA hit home for a Scunthorpe based haulage firm (Intake Transport) when they were hit with fines totalling 15,000 for drivers hours offences and an additional 30,000 in costs.

Six drivers employed by the company were also handed fines totalling 3,290. The company now faces the revocation of its operator licence by a Traffic Commissioner in a public inquiry.

The offences were relating to, not taking breaks when driving, and driving commercially for longer than is allowed by the drivers hours legislation.

VOSA say that disregarding drivers hours rules and other rules in relation to operator licensing is a serious offence and they are committed to finding and prosecuting those that do so.


This situation could have been easily avoided by using our tachograph analysis and training services. It's clear that even the drivers as well as the business owners and managers were un-aware of their obligations in regard to drivers hours and tachograph legislation. OLMC provides training for drivers, managers and business owners as well as a complete tachograph management & analysis solution for both digital and analogue tachographs from the equipment needed to providing the legally required reports. See Our Services for more info.

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