VOSA Tweak Operator Compliance Risk Scores (OCRS)

In a planned move, VOSA have increased the Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS) of many operators meaning they are more likely to be inspected at the roadside.

A vehicle's OCRS is calculated from the history of prohibitions, mechanical defects and driver convictions of vehicles listed on an operators licence. VOSA use the score to determine the likelihood of a vehicle being non-compliant when performing roadside checks. For more information about OCRS please visit our Operator Compliance Risk Score page.

The increase in score comes about because since April 2008, convictions for non-mechanical infringements such as tachograph offences, overloading and drivers hours offences were logged by VOSA, they were given a zero point value as far as OCRS was concerned. VOSA have now given those offences an OCRS points value and allocated those points retrospectively for the past two years.

The result is that an estimated 7000 operators will have an increased OCRS.

If you are looking for more information about keeping your OCRS as low as possible, You could consider attending our Transport Manager Training course which covers OCRS and Transport Management best practice in much greater detail.

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