the DVSA Compliance Audits

Are you expecting a visit from the DVSA?

If you are expecting a visit from the DVSA. Having an independent pre-audit by OLMC and taking action in advance can save your OCRS score and help avoid future roadside checks, re-visits by the DVSA and enforcement action.

What can cause the DVSA to visit a site?
  • If you are a new operator
  • Failed roadside inspection
  • S marked prohibition on a vehicle
  • Tachograph infringements at a roadside stop
  • Degradation of your OCRS
  • Increase in MOT failure rate
  • Reports of non-compliance by a member of the public
These are some of the reasons the DVSA can be called upon to visit your site and usually do so at a time pre-arranged with the operator. However, the DVSA can visit any site, whenever they want, even unannounced if they please.

What happens during the DVSA site visit?
That's up to the the DVSA inspectors on the day, but typically they will look for evidence of non-compliance with legislation. You will need to have proper and demonstratable systems in place that deal with vehicle maintenance, vehicle inspections, tachographs, vehicle records and other things in order to ensure you can satisfy whatever the the DVSA inspector's audit requirements are.

Why should I have a compliance audit?
If you are expecting a visit from the DVSA or even think one might be due, making sure you have the essential systems in place is vital to ensuring the DVSA inspectors are satisfied with your level of compliance. If you fail to do so, the likely outcome is a worse OCRS score which will result in increased roadside inspections, site visits and the possibility of being called in front of a Traffic Commissioner for a public inquiry where you can lose your operator licence. Having a Compliance Audit by OLMC will enable you to identify where your compliance with operator licensing may be lacking. Knowing this enables you to take action before the DVSA site visit and avoid future enforcement action.

What will OLMC do?
We will visit your site in complete confidence and check that you have the processes and systems in place that the DVSA inspectors will expect to see. We will provide a detailed report of our findings and advise how to improve your compliance where applicable. Our aim is to make sure you can face the DVSA site visit with the confidence that you are doing what is required.

How to get started?
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