What Is Meant By "In connection with a trade or Business"?

What Is Meant By "In connection with a trade or Business"?

To fall under the category of "in connection with a trade or business" is very easy as the term is wide reaching. It can be grey area and caution is advised. Examples are (but not limited to):-
  • Running a business and using the vehicles within it.

  • Sponsorship by businesses or organisations.

  • Receipt of significant prize money.

VOSA have stated that "it would not be in the public interest to prosecute if only petrol or modest prize money were involved". Whilst this is true, VOSA officials can still prosecute and VOSA roadside inspectors can issue fines if they wish.

VOSA also state that it's up to you to prove that the vehicle is not being used illegally, this means you will need to know the reason for your exemption such as, private use only and not in connection with a trade or business.

We asked VOSA how you can prove your exempt status, they said that if stopped, an explanation to a VOSA official as to why you are exempt should be sufficient. Although it should be noted that a VOSA officials' interpretation of your circumstances may differ from your own.

Our advice would be to make sure you know the reason for your exemption, and make sure that if you are stopped you can explain to the VOSA official why you do not need an operators licence.

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