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Obtaining the appropriate Licences and Training is a cornerstone of a successful and compliant operation. At OLMC Group, we understand the significance of this process and offer a comprehensive suite of services to guide you through every step. Whether you're a seasoned professional looking to expand your fleet or a newcomer to the industry, our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with the insights, assistance, and resources you need.

Trusted Operator Licence Application Support for 35+ Years

OLMC have been providing support to operators with our application service for over 35+ years, our experience makes us market leaders in applying for, and obtaining operators licences, even if you have previously had negative findings by the Office of the Traffic Commissioners...

Operator Licence Application

Professional Auditing Services for Operator Licences

Over the years, OLMC have seen VOSA / DVSA change their approach to the auditing of operators to ensure an operator has all the required systems and processes in place for vehicles AND Drivers.


OLMC e-system

OLMC are all about protecting operators and their operator licences. With remote working and a move to electronic documents OLMC-e was born. OLMC-e provides a full overview of your operator’s licence activity, DVSA interaction, OCRS, MOT pass rates, “meaningful” Brake tests etc. You will receive Automated Email reminders to ensure you do not miss any expiry dates or upcoming events.

Compliance Training by OLMC: Specialised and Accredited Courses

OLMC are JAUPT approve driver CPC trainers with our own specialised courses approved and accredited by JAUPT. OLMC also provide Operator Licence Awareness Training (OLAT) providing training for Directors, Senior Managers and Persons of Responsibility (PoR) training to ensure the individuals in charge of an operator’s licence are fully aware of their responsibilities and how to address and “discharge” them.

Compliance Training

Get Started with Your Light Vehicle International Operations

If you do not have a Goods Vehicle Operator Licence, contact OLMC so they can start your application as soon as this “light vehicle operator licence” can be applied for.

Light Vehicle International Operations

Explore Our Online Shop for Essential Driver Supplies, Consumables, and Hardware

Visit our online shop, with our years of experience we know what consumables, documents and hardware you may need for your driver. From tread depth gauge for their daily check, to a defect report pad to document and defects as they arise.

Essential Tachograph Analysis for Operator Licence Compliance

Tachograph Analysis of Vehicle and Driver data is a critical part of operator licence compliance, it’s a duty all operators must undertake. From the data a set of analysis reports must be produced and depending on the reports contents, action must be taken.

Tachograph Analysis Service

Effortless Operator Licence Self-Service with OLMC

With OLMC set up on your operator’s licence as authorised users, we can make changes at your request, add or remove vehicles, download your OCRS reports, update Information’s etc, all under an annual fixed cost.

Operator Licence Self-Service