Licence Compliance Training

Operator Licence Compliance Training

Are you an Operator who doesn't fully understand your responsibilities? Is Compliance Training an undertaking on your Operator's Licence? A Transport Manager who requires refresher training? We can help.

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The Senior Traffic Commissioner recently stated: “it is your responsibility as the licensed operator to comply with the legislation”. OLMC have developed a training course that provides an excellent working knowledge of operator licensing for Business owners and Transport Managers.

Complying with the promises made on the application form for an operator licence is not optional.

The promises must be met in full (known as the section 16 Undertakings) and an operator must be able to demonstrate that these promises have been met, this means that processes for record keeping is paramount

This very popular course covers everything you need to know in order to keep legal compliant and gives practical advice, information and a great opportunity to benefit from our combined 40 years of experience in the transport industry. This training is a great way to get up to speed with the many changes in legislation over the years and also serves as a good refresher for veteran operators.

Course Overview

This course is aimed at, new operators, Operator licence holder, business owners and Transport Managers that require familiarization with their legal responsibilities and operator licence undertakings (promises made when applying for an operator licence).

The course has been designed to raise awareness of a Transport Manager’s responsibilities with regard to the requirements of legislation.

The course provides not only an understanding of how things can go wrong, but a much deeper understanding of how to keep your vehicles legal and maintain a healthy Operator Compliance Risk Score. (OCRS)

In addition, the course provides you with practical maintenance advice, and how to ensure that you pass inspections by DVSA Vehicle Examiners. In essence, everything a Transport operator or Manager should know to keep legally compliant and safe.

This course covers the following areas:-

• An employer’s Responsibilities with regard to retaining their operator’s licence.
• Who is Who in compliance.
• Understanding of the things that affect Operator Licence Compliance Risk Score, and the importance of having a good score
• What are Graduated Fixed Penalties and the effect on your operator licence
• What DVSA would review on a site visit, and how to ensure compliance
• Tachograph Responsibilities for the Operator and how to deal with non-compliant drivers
• Document Retention Requirements, what to keep and for how long
• How to ensure best practice in respect of vehicle maintenance, drivers walk around checks, tachograph compliance
• A fuller understanding of the repercussions of non-compliance within the relevant legislation