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Tachograph Service | OLMC Group

Tachograph Analysis is a legal requirement for all operators, whether its done in house or carried out by an analysis company, it must be done to meet set requirements and specific reports checked on a monthly basis.

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OLMC Analysis Service is 100% inhouse, with analysis experts on hand to discuss any negative findings or infringements.

OLMC take the pain and stress out of meeting analysis requirements by making tachograph analysis simple for you and your driver.

Do you:-

  • Receive legally compliant reports that you can fully understand?
  • Take action based on the information in those reports by informing your drivers?
  • Comply with all tachograph laws?
  • Have direct access to a named tachograph expert to explain infringements and what you must do, to be compliant?

OLMC offer a tachograph management and analysis service that is born by the needs of our customers to meet their legal obligations

How does the system work?

You send your Tachograph data to OLMC, we analyse it and provide you a set of reports for the driver and the vehicles.

Digital and analogue tachograph Systems.

We notify you of the need to download your vehicles and driver cards, or if Analogue head units are in use (paper charts) we provide freepost envelopes for you to send us drivers charts and we analyse them.

We can provide you with the equipment to download your tachograph head unit and Drivers cards, if required.

We analyse your driver’s records for both working time and EU drivers’ hours rules compliance.

If your drivers drive both Digital and Analogue vehicles, then we make analysing both sets of data simple, we turn your analogue charts into digital data so you get one report per driver, despite the data being digital or on a paper chart.

We provide you with a set of reports for your driver’s performance and the vehicles utilisation in line with compliance rules, we are on hand to explain these report if you or your driver has any questions, this will allow you to manage your infringements and ensure improvement going forward.

We offer you a fully compliant service but more importantly we can ensure that you meet your legal obligations every step of the way.