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Operator Licence Compliance Audits

System & process audits are part and parcel of holding an Operator Licence, whether it is for reassurance your internal systems meet legal requirements or if you are preparing for a DVSA Investigation.

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Operator licencing is a complexed area, there are many moving parts and many different people or companies involved in the good health of your operator’s licence, from the company director, the transport manager or Person of Responsibility, to the driver to the nominated repair agent, all have a duty to play in meeting and attaining the standards a Traffic Commissioner requires to allow your operator licence to remain in place.

There is only one way to have full visibility of all the working parts of your operator licence and that is an Independent Compliance Audit.

OLMC compliance audits meet the latest Traffic Commissioner standards, are fully independent, confidential and provide full visibility of your level of compliance with operator licensing.

Our “R A G” Rated  (Red, Amber, Green) audit report, helps you spot straight away, any areas that need focus, and every audit report is accompanied by recommendations of how to rectify any shortcomings that are found, so your not on your own to find a compliant solution.

All OLMC audits are carried out by competent auditors, who have been in the transport sector for many years, have been involved in 100’s of Public inquiry defence cases, so fully understand the importance of ensuring an operator is fully aware of compliance, and how to measure shortcomings, we understand the importance of helping you correct any areas of weakness or non compliance that are identified.

Why should I have an Audit carried out?

There are a number of reasons to have a compliance audit undertaken:

  • You are a new operator and want to ensure you have all processes in place.
  • You have been called to Public Inquiry and want to get your compliance satisfactory before the Traffic Commissioner takes action against you.
  • You have any reason to suspect your compliance is not up to standard.
  • You wish to ensure you are running a fully compliant operator licence and all undertakings are being fully met.
  • To ensure all parts of compliance for vehicles within your business are doing their jobs effectively.
  • You may have been instructed by a Traffic Commissioner to have an independent compliance audit carried out and the findings / report sent to them


OLMC compliance audits cover all aspects of operator licensing. They are carried out to the latest standards demanded by the Senior Traffic Commissioner, as set out in “The Statutory Guidance for Traffic Commissioners” and can be used to demonstrate your level of compliance to them requirements. OLMC have been providing audits to the Office of the Traffic Commissioners in excess of 10 years.

What’s Included in Our Compliance Audits?

We cover all aspects of operator licensing, you will get an auditor who is prepared to discuss your audit as it progresses and explain why documents are being checked and what they are being checked for, this helps you get an insight which will help you understand the importance of holding those documents. You will receive a full written report of the audit findings with the corrective action recommendations for each area of noncompliance.

Areas covered:

  • Driver Management
  • Vehicle Specification
  • Maintenance
  • Forward Planning
  • Record Retention
  • Vehicle File Contents
  • Drivers Hours
  • Tachographs
  • Working Time Directive
  • Transport Manager/ Supervisor Role
  • Full Written Report and Advice

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